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Being a SuperMom to multiples is truly a blessing in desguise. I have weekly and monthly calendars, but I seem to live ONE DAY at a time! I must tell you all that I could not do it without my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ by my side!

Friday, May 8, 2009

New Yers Resolution...Broken!

Ok, Ok! I know I NEED to update my blog! Thank goodness I have friends and family to keep me from forgetting my head, (or whatever else I need to do). I have finally broken my New Years Resolution of posting twice a month. However, I don't believe in quitting just because you messed up; I belive in starting again. So with that said...I am posting every two weeks AGAIN!

Many say that they havent posted because nothing much is happening. That is NOT the case in our house with three toddlers just discovering the world for the FIRST time! I knew, form books, that the younger you are the faster you learn... but I had NO IDEA! The babies are like sponges! If you work with them a few minutes, they have got it and they don't forget it! They are signing (baby signs), talking, dancing, jumping (not Cliff yet), and trying to sing! They are getting into everything and anything that I leave out! Macey was standing on the kitchen table yesterday!

With ALL of this going on, I have started my Masters degree in school counseling! I MUST be crazy!!!! I am attending Capella University in Arizona! Imagine that! Who knew you could get your Masters degree from your couch. After the first year, I have to go to Dallas, TX a satelite campus, for a face to face course. Yeah, a VACATION! Besides, that is where my family is. What will everyone do without MOM for a week? (Sindi, maybe you will come with me?)

I can't believe that I am coming up on another Mother's day. I can't believe my babies will be 2 in October! Well, Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there and especially the SuperMoms!

Pictures Coming Soon! (Skyfort, Jumping thing, and Pool)


  1. I need more info on the school thing for Matt, e-mail me some info, please!

  2. Glad to know that I'm not the only one doing the school thing online! :)