Jay Triplets

Being a SuperMom to multiples is truly a blessing in desguise. I have weekly and monthly calendars, but I seem to live ONE DAY at a time! I must tell you all that I could not do it without my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ by my side!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Maryanna Walks! Macey is sick.

Hello everyone! Last Thursday Maryanna took a few steps and I thought she would take off but no...she waited till today! She just started walking across the kitchen holding a ball.

Poor little Macey is sick. She has what the Doc thinks is an eye infection on top of her bad cold. She is running fever and sleeping alot! Keep her in your prayers.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Go Macey Go!

Ok, Macey has relized what she is doing and now she spends her days PRACTICING walking! She does NOT want anyone's hand and is very proud of herself. I have video...will post soon.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Pics!

We went to Singing River Mall to "trick or treat" this year. We took the wagon and the babies were a hit in their pumpkin outfits! Here are the pics!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Macey Walks!

Macey took three steps today! No hands...nothing! We are all so excited!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Birthday Bash at Catfish Point!

One Year Doctors Appointment 10/16

Ok here is the update! All babies are great...course we knew that! Maryanna and Cliff are showing a little eczema so we are changing soap and lotion. Dr. J told us to start WHOLE MILK. Yeah! Now I just need to use up the rest of the formula. The babies all are above average in height and below average in weight. Here are the stats:

Cliff is 30.5 inches, 21 lbs 4 oz
Maryanna is 30.5 inches, 19 lbs
Macey is 30 inches, 17 lbs 12oz

Oh yeah...Maryanna has five teeth and Cliff is cutting the next two which will make six. Macey is standing in the floor all alone, jumping and clapping, and sitting back down! She is going to take a step any day now isn't she?

Loving every minute of it!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our First Year!

A great deal has happened over the last week. We decided that it was time to go and take our first set of pictures. We went on Tuesday when Joey was done working. Having a daddy in the picture seemed important! The babies did not like our photographer so it was like pulling teeth to get any smiles! I think these came out ok for their first go at it.

Myself, Joey my husband, Macey, Cliff, and Maryanna.

Papa, Nana, and the babies!

Maryanna can be so sweet... and growl at you the next minute!

Cliff is all boy...but watch out for his sensative side!

Macey can be so shy... but at their birthday party, she was a social butterfly!

My three sweet peas have turned one! I can hardly believe it myself. I guess if you count the first four months when I was a sleep deprived maniak then it has been a year! And what a year it was! I feel so very blessed that God has trusted me with such a gift and I am striving everyday to be the mom that he intends for me to be. We are crawling, pushing around everything that will move, and alking around furniture. The girls are even standing all alone! They all have at least four teeth with Macey in the leed with five. They are tasting everything they can but remain very picky eaters, so very glad that they love their veggies! Going to the Doctor tomorrow and I will let you know how everyone is doing.

Maryanna, Cliff, and Macey

Friday, August 1, 2008

Our Story!

Hello, I am now the mother of beautiful triplets named Maryanna, Cliff, and Macey. They were born on October 11, 2007 and that day changed my life forever...for the better. Let me bring you up to speed... My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for about five years. Both having some issues, my fertility doctor decided to put me on injections. We took the shots for one month and found out we were not only pregnant but that there were three seperate little babies growing in there!!! We were both in shock for months. Praying everyday that God would take care of all of us. I had just started a new teaching job and hated to tell my boss that I would have to take medical leave at the beginning of the next year. The pregnancy was hard but everything went fine until my doctor appointment at about 32 weeks. I had toxemia and was sent to the hospital the next afternoon. At 32 weeks, I delivered three TINY beautiful babies! Maryanna, born first, was 3 lbs 12 oz. Cliff, second, weighed 3 lbs 8 oz. Finally, Macey was delivered weighing 3 lbs 4 oz. All three babies were very healthy. Cliff was the only one that needed a couple of hours of oxygen. The babies stayed in the NICU for about a month before coming home. None of them needed any treatment except for around the clock feeding, burping, and diapering. Those nurses really have a gift to be able to work with such little patients. Well, after the nurses told us that there was no way the babies would be home by Thanksgiving, they were all home by the week before! Maryanna came first and I was very glad that I got a practice baby before all three at once. A few days later Cliff and Macey followed and the fun began. Basiclly, we changed, fed, and burped, the babies every three hours and they slept before, during, and after. Inbetween feedings we made more bottles, washed baby clothes, and refilled the diapers and wipes. I don't remember eating or sleeping during those first months. That is probably why those months are hard to remember. They came home in the winter and being preemies they were given RSV shots and we kept them home until the end of March. Now after sitting in a recliner for about 4 months before they were born and sitting inside the house with the babies for 4 months after they were born I was crazy! I got a HAPPY pil and I encouraged my husband to fish as often as he could. Life goes on. Now the babies are 9 months and everything has changed and continues to change! We are so blessed. We knew it when they were born but it was so hard to feel blessed when you hate the nursery because it is the only room you see all day and night for months while taking care of babies that seem to not even know you. Now, they smile at me in the morning, play during the day, eat crackers, and are beginning to sit up! For our friends and family that can't come to see them, here are thier pictures and what they are up to!