Jay Triplets

Being a SuperMom to multiples is truly a blessing in desguise. I have weekly and monthly calendars, but I seem to live ONE DAY at a time! I must tell you all that I could not do it without my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ by my side!

Friday, October 17, 2008

One Year Doctors Appointment 10/16

Ok here is the update! All babies are great...course we knew that! Maryanna and Cliff are showing a little eczema so we are changing soap and lotion. Dr. J told us to start WHOLE MILK. Yeah! Now I just need to use up the rest of the formula. The babies all are above average in height and below average in weight. Here are the stats:

Cliff is 30.5 inches, 21 lbs 4 oz
Maryanna is 30.5 inches, 19 lbs
Macey is 30 inches, 17 lbs 12oz

Oh yeah...Maryanna has five teeth and Cliff is cutting the next two which will make six. Macey is standing in the floor all alone, jumping and clapping, and sitting back down! She is going to take a step any day now isn't she?

Loving every minute of it!


  1. So glad you started this so we can keep up! I started doing mine after I met Jac Tubre and I have loved being able to update everyone with it! So glad they're all doing so great!

  2. Glad to see ya'll have a page too! Its amazing how fast the babies grow. The pictures from their 1 yr party are adorable! Hopefully we'll get a chance to come visit sometime soon.